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    Fast-Track Access Tickets for Vatican Museums And Sistine Chapel

    Buying the ticket skips the line guarantees priority entry to theVatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museums – the world’s fourth-largest museum in the world by the number of annual accesses – are divided into a long series of galleries and rooms that house as many, priceless collections. An integral part of the museum’s path is also the Sistine Chapel, whose walls constitute a precious schedule of Italian Renaissance painting, with frescoes by Botticelli, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Girlandaio and Signorelli.

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    Guided – skip the line tour of Vatican museums, Sistine chapel and direct access to saint Peter’s Basilica.

    Admire one of world’s most renowned art collections without wasting time in long and exhausting queues! Our groups – made up of a maximum of 35 people and accompanied by highly skilled and qualified guides, certified by the Vatican State – will lead you through the priceless artistic treasures housed in the seven distinct museums that make up the heart of the Vatican Museums complex.

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    Homemade Pasta – Cooking classes

    Thanks to the expert guidance of a starred chef, eggs, water and flour will give life to the timeless magic of homemade pasta, perhaps the most Italian of Italian dishes. A simple but extremely effective recipe, to give you and your friends the tasty and inimitable taste of the great culinary tradition of the Belpaese.
    Fettuccine, tagliatelle and tortellini will have no more secrets for you!

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    Learn how to make Pizza – Cooking classes

    Do you want to learn how to cook simple and traditional recipes, having fun and spending a pleasant and informal evening together with other aspiring chefs? The guide of a starred chef for a dish that needs no introduction! Have fun dosing and kneading flour, water and yeast, breathe in the fragrant aroma of the dough that cooks in a wood oven, indulge yourself with tomato, mozzarella and basil. And, in the end, enjoy your wonderful pizza in joy! Do you want to recognize the wines and know how to correctly combine them with the dishes?

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    Papal Audience Tour

    The tour, which lasts approximately three hours, includes an hour and a half of guided tour of St. Peter’s Square (with references to the history of the Basilica) with a specialized and accredited by the Vatican State guide, and the possibility of attending the Papal Audience for its entire development.

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    Private Guided – Skip the line – Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

    A tour with a private and exclusive guide, for groups of up to 5 people, to fully enjoy the incredible historical and artistic heritage offered by the archaeological complex of Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. A customizable itinerary – according to your needs and your desires, compatibly with any extraordinary closures established by the Park Management;

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    Private Guided -Skip the Line – Tour of Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica

    The tour is comprehensive of fast and privileged accessto the Vatican Museums; a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel and a fast-track and privileged access into St. Peter’s Basilica, directly from the Sistine Chapel.

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    Roman first course – Cooking Classes

    Cuisine is taste, but also tradition, history and culture. The wise guide and the expertise of a starred chef will reveal the secrets of a first course chosen from the list of the first Romans – Carbonara, Amatriciana and Cacio & Pepe: not only practical execution tips, but also historical anecdotes, curiosities and notations of custom. A unique lesson to nourish the body and mind.

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    Roman first courses – Cooking Classes

    An exceptional trio – Carbonara, Amatriciana and Cacio & amp; Pepe – so as not to miss anything of the decisive and unmistakable Roman flavors. Three simple and tasteful recipes for three tastings that will tickle your palate. Thanks to the help of a starred chef, the first Roman dishes will no longer have any secrets for you!